Source: | Story Posted: August 01, 2017 | Category: Canola Oil in the News

Food “Fake News”: Debunking the Health Myths

Nutritional epidemiologist Karin Michels, in UCLA Public Health Magazine, dispels myths about healthy eating. Among them: that cutting dietary fat is good for the heart. One-third of all calories should come from fat, says Michels, and so “what we do want to modify is the type of fat we consume.” She suggests the use of unsaturated fats like those in canola oil, which raise the body’s “good” cholesterol levels.

Seven food myths are debunked by registered dietitian Julie Upton, via Popsugar. Canola oil, for example, comes from canola plants and is completely safe. What’s more, given its 7% saturated fat levels (compared to olive oil’s 15%), canola oil is one of the healthiest oils around.