Source: CanolaInfo | Story Posted: October 24, 2012 | Category: Recipes & Cooking

"Baker's Dozen Healthy Holidays Checklist"

1.    Don’t fill your whole day of meals with holiday food. Keep up with your regular routine and dietary habits, especially on days when you will be attending a holiday party.

2.    Incorporate holiday flavors into the everyday foods you eat to “taste” the season. For example, try putting dried cranberries in your salad or sprinkle cinnamon onto fruit.

3.    Don’t show up to a holiday party starving. Doing so increases your risk of binging.

4.    Use a plate as a guide for portions. Fill it once or halfway twice but do not exceed a plate’s worth of food.

5.    Watch portions of food served to you. Be mindful of having too many appetizers or other foods being passed around. Set a limit, such as one of each appetizer, and stop.

6.    Enjoy the whole party experience, not just the food. Focus on the ambiance, friends and conversation while enjoying and even talking about the food.

7.    Enjoy treats in moderation. Take small bites of a dessert to savor and enjoy it. A single chocolate truffle, for example, can be very satisfying if eaten slowly.

8.    Stay hydrated and watch alcohol intake. Drink plenty of water and limit alcoholic beverages to curb calories. Staying hydrated can help prevent overeating. Setting limits on alcohol will spare empty calories.

9.    Have boundaries around when and where you eat at home. Set the table, eat in the dining room and avoid grazing around food or standing when you eat to be mindful of portions.

10.    Bring your co-workers healthy treats instead of holiday sweets. Bring in healthy and delicious alternatives to the regular office holiday fare.

11.    Store all food away from your desk so you’re not tempted to constantly or mindlessly eat.

12.    Keep up your activity and exercise routine. Exercise helps keep your metabolism revved up so you won’t feel as hungry. Plus, you will burn calories on a consistent basis!

13.    Make exercise a family event. Build togetherness and enjoy social time with your loved ones during exercise. Set goals for the family to achieve together.