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9 DIY Spa Day Ideas

Easy homemade spa recipes to help you rejuvenate!
November is #HealthySkinMonth. A perfect time to pamper yourself with a body scrub, massage oil or hand treatment. Canola oil is not only great for your heart; your skin will love it too. Canola oil is often used in commercial beauty products for its moisturizing and non-allergenic properties. Try these #DIY spa recipes featuring canola oil and other mild ingredients that will be gentle on your skin.  

1. Avocado-Ginger Moisture Scrub

Tired of sprouting or just throwing away avocado pits? Here's another great way to use them.

2. Basic Hand Milled Soap

Making your own handmade soap is fun and easy to do.

3. Fresh Mint Massage Oil

This oil will be sure to provide relaxation to you with the fresh scent of mint.

4. Bath Bombs

Create your own moisturizing bath bombs with your favorite essential oils.

5. Beach Sand Foot Scrub

Easy to make scrub to moisturize and exfoliate your feet!

6. Body Salt Scrub

Soothing body scrub that will not only exfoliate but moisturize too.

7. Cranberry-Date Body Polish

This will leave you with a healthy glow!

8. Foaming Vanilla Bath

This rejuvenating foaming bath soap will leave your body feeling smooth and moisturized.

9. Gardener's Intensive Hand Treatment

When hands get tough, cracked and dry apply this rich, rejuvenating hand treatment.