Canola Oil in the News

Story Posted: 2018-01-22

5 Reasons to Love Canola Oil during National Heart Health Month

Take ownership of your heart health.

Story Posted: 2018-01-19

Canola Oil: Cutting Through the Clutter

Those trying to make healthier eating decisions may be daunted by the oil aisle in most grocery stores.

Story Posted: 2018-01-19

New Canola Oil Available for Commercial Use

Cargill announced the launch of their high stability canola oil with a saturated fat content of 4.5% or less.

Story Posted: 2018-01-19

Canola Oil is an Easy Swap

CanolaInfo spokesperson and registered dietitian, Karen Ansel, highlighted the results of the Canola Oil Multicenter Intervention Trial in a New York Post article about New Year’s resolutions.

Story Posted: 2018-01-19

“Going Keto” and Fat Choices

The low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diet may be all the rage but it’s important to be informed before jumping on board.

Story Posted: 2018-01-19

Canola Oil and Prostate Health

Dr. David Samadi, a urologic oncologist and regular contributor to the NY Daily News, offers men tips for maintaining prostate health, equating it to the importance of heart health.